i have a really great habit of working myself up so much that i have a small breakdown and then continue with my life as if nothing happened



Instant Date Prank

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OMG. Okay. Apple is Beyond perfect. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Ahg. Please just stop being so perfect.

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I write for the loveless.
Finding love in all the wrong places.
Hiding and hoping that time erases all the bad decisions we make in our pursuit of another.
Lone searching. No shade, no cover.
Vulnerability promotes haste and problematic choices. Blocking out all the reasoning voices.
A rush of emotion. A rush of devotion.
A desperation for that feeling of comfort you can only find in the arms of the other.
Without it you’re going to smother your screams in your pillow at night.
But really your mind is the ally you fight.
Mind over heart. It’s the fear that you run from.
The fear you can’t be loved in the way that you’ve loved some.
You understand the words but feeling them is a struggle.
Pressing the letters to your heart to push the ink beneath the surface.
Still it feels artificial. Out of place.
A loveless heart still beats at it’s pace.
A mechanical rhythm.
Drumming in my head to taunt me and give me false hope.
Telling me that life goes on. So I’ll have to cope.
Shrugging and laughing is an appearance I wear when really beneath, my mind is nowhere.

One of the best photos from comp 😊

I finally got a scorp! 😊 (Yes I need to stretch my leg more aha)

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I ran into the wrong person at the wrong time, we could’ve been great for each other, but just not right now, and we couldn’t both wait forever, we could’ve been perfect, if we were older, less vulnerable and could spent more time together, it’s horrible to think that, but what will time tell? You never know





New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

can’t wait


I am so ready for this.

Title: The Love Club Artist: Lorde 691 plays

i’m sittin’ pretty on the throne,
there’s nothing more i want,
except to be alone.

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Title: Trouble (Acoustic, Wonderland Sessions) Artist: Neon Jungle 1,207 plays